pillo studying dinasours and checking bees video games with his phone, but he reads very well but he does not hear really what the teacher says, he calls the teacher bee and he says to him do you like bees but not cool to talk in middle of a class but when we yelled at him he immediatley turned his phone off and start hearing the teacher and he didin't call him bee any more.

he actully was so quiet and he heard the teacher and he was reading an article that they wanted him to read this article " the-scientist.com " and he readed the whole article pillo.

and then he went to the libary of the university of utah, and he read this book called dinasours and he loved the book he read 45 pages of what dinasours they where.

pillo light and luz eating at the cafetiria and pillo eating a dezzert that has pancakes berries honey and ice cream and dry fruit and 1 dougnut a ton uf sugar and light and luz eating a savory meal.

pillo crazy to eat his dezzert smelling it and light and luz say that is a lot of sugar and pillo says I HATE VEGTABLES !!!!! but that is a lot of sugar he screams NO!!!!!!!!!!! eat my dezzert!!!!!!

pillo smelling his dezzert light comes to smell pillo's dezzert and light smells it and he thinks uhh to sweet pillo you are going to get cavaties if you eat all this sugar and pillo says i dont care, i am eating it even if the cavaties and light says OK! eat it FINE!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

pillo eating his dezzert and telling light and luz do you want a dezzert for lunch and their like no way to sweet ,and we don't want to get cavaties and pillo keep's eating his dezzert and he says can i have a scone for dezzert with honey and the say no way hozay!! you alreaty had a ton of sugar and pillo says ok im going to study when i finish my dezzert,ok bye.

pillo reading in the Libary about dinasour articles and pillo read 7 articles of dinasours at the Libary.

pillo scredding papers after 2 hours of reading dinasour articles at the libary