Light's Apolisim Competition

Light Vs Pillo

Light Competes against Pillo And light wins with A Chicken Curry With Snap Peas And A Butter Toast, Pillo Lost Because He Did not Put Salt to His colard greens. And when Light won He Ran out of the place.

Light Vs Oso

Oso Competes against Light, Light Made A Delicous Plate Great Presentation He put Oregano to his Home made Pizza dough with toppings , Oso Made a Grilled Chicken With Grilled Pears On the side But He put too Much Cayenne Pepper , so Light Beat Oso And Oso was very confused why he lost.

Light Vs Pumpum

Pumpum Competes against Light, Light Makes A Delicous Sandwich, That had Pata Shu Batter, Tomato Salsa, and Sprinkled Parmesan cheese, Pumpum Made a Salad With Eggs, Tomato sause, And Beans, Light won Because He Made A Delicous Pasta Dish, But Pumpum, Put too much Tomato Sause.

Sochi Vs Light

Light Competes against sochi, Sochi Was Making An Egg With Tomatoes and Spinach, Until Light Burned His Plate, Light Made A Sandwich With Bacon, Pico De Gallo, Avocado, And Cheddar Cheese, Until Sochi Plated And The Judjes Threw Sochi's Plate And Light won.