Recap of a Crucial CA Game

This is Joaquin, this morning, patiently waiting to play the final game that would define whether he became champion of his league or not. Three months ago he was offered a spot in Regionaliga D, the competitive division for the newest members of the Counter Attack community. With skills honed over “fifty to one hundred” games of practice—most of which he played solo, against himself—he competed against 11 other players, all adult men from all over the world, who share his passion for this game.

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Today he won 3-2, a victory that made all his dreams come true: He became champion of his league, automatically was promoted to the next higher league (Serie C), and has qualified for the Champions League next season.

His opponent congratulated him giving credit to “luck”. Peers who watched the game, however, pointed out to the many ways how luck was not in his favor today—the four consecutive bad rolls he got—and how he persevered, taking many more shots throughout the game than his opponent did. He deserved the victory, they said.

Some Counter Attackers like to write recaps for their games, and Joaquin goes all out making full stories out of his game recaps. Here is his story for this victorious game.

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