Everdell Game Expansions

Our passion for the strategic board game “Everdell” led us to acquire and play with several of its expansions and extra card packs. Naturally, when the novelty of these variations ended, Joaquin went on creating his own extensions for the game:

  • A “Bridges and Cities” pack of bonus cards which he tested and enjoyed in five games with papa.
  • A collection of cards illustrated with nun figures which never got played (this was the beginning of an expansion idea that he abandoned).
  • A couple of new locations for a “Light Side” expansion which didn’t take off either.
  • An extra pack of big critter workers for which he made laminated cards and built lego meeples to extend the Spirecrest expansion.
  • A fully developed “Dark Side” expansion which added nastiness to the game with components designed to hurt opponents and decrease their earned points.
Bridges and Cities bonus cards to expand Everdell
Light Side cards
Nun cards

The Dark Side involved Big Critter cards, Ugly Critter cards, Nasty cards, and a new Dark Side location. Kid worked on this project for two weeks and enjoyed the mischief component immensely.

After test playing, the evaluation revealed that the expansion pleased the author, but made the game not enjoyable for papa and mama. The sabotage and experience of loss is high and heartbreaking (for the less mischievous adults) with this creative expansion; the artwork—as usual—expressive, fun, and captivating.

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