Mr. Bally Art Class Brochure

Joaquin has decided to take Mr Bally’s Art Class, a pretend (i.e. self-directed) course with an imaginary instructor and kids at home. For this purpose he created a very thorough informational packet including a page with a form and button to register. He asked me to take a look and register him, and so he is now enrolled in Mr. Bally’s class with Sketching sessions beginning tomorrow.

For the brochure he used the Pages iOS app and images he gathered from the Internet. Here’s his product.

Brochure page 1: Cover
Brochure page 2: Introduction
Brochure page 3: Techniques
Brochure page 4: Hours
Brochure page 5: Location
Brochure page 6: Rules
Brochure page 7: Registration
Brochure page 8: Registration confirmation

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