Wind Wind Blow Away

Let the verbal presentations begin!
Joaquin reads a story he recently wrote and illustrated (a story and picture book he used to give ME a lesson like the ones I give him).

We posted his reading on Facebook, and then Joaquin composed and carefully edited personal responses to sixteen comments he received from his virtual audience.

  1. Dear P, Thank you for telling me my story is amazing. Love, –J
  2. E, Actually the bear was not nice with the bird. The bear was saying that if the bird was scared of him, the bear would eat her, and the bird was scared that the bear said that, so she flew away and made it to her bird nest. Thank you for writing to me, –J
  3. Dear Mama, You are right: Friendship and fear don’t go good together because a person who wants friends doesn’t want someone as friend that is afraid of him. Love you much more than Nba 2k17, love you so so so much Mommy.  –Joaquin
  4. N, You are right: The wind takes my story to many places across the planet. Thank you for the claps, the wink, and the kisses. Love, –J
  5. L, I loved your message: I liked how you put the icons of the bear, bird, and scare. Sorry that someone scared you like the bear scared the bird. Love, –J
  6. Dear J, What a nice message! Yes, there are bears in the Utah  mountains (I looked it up). Thank you for saying that my voice was beautiful. Love, –J
  7. M, Thank you for listening and commenting. Love, –J
  8. Dear K, You are right; writers let the story evolve. The bear by saying that he would eat her if she was scared, missed a great opportunity to make friends with the bird. I liked the message you sent me. Love, –J
  9. Dear L, Thank you for reading my story, I like you. –J
  10. Dear C, what a cute message!. I love you so much for your message xxxxxxxxxxxx😍. –J
  11. Dear J, i am going to eat you too! hahahaha. –J
  12. Dear G, I knew you were waiting for the thumb soup. Have you heard about the hurricane in Miami?. –J
  13. B, I didn’t expect to hear from you, Thank you!. –J
  14. M, Tienes razon, la historia podria haber acabado mas lindo de lo que acabo, me parece bien que acabe mi historia asi porque cualquier otro niño acabaria la historia con que el oso y el pajaro se hicieran amigos. –J
  15. Dear J, Me gusta tu aguila. Ay todo tipo de personas viendo el video de mi historia y estoy teniendo tantos mensajes que me estoy impesando a cansar de escribir, pero tenia que escribirte por tu aguila. Gracias por escribirme. –J
  16. Nani, El unico chance del oso haciendose amigo con la pajara seria si el oso no hubiera asustado al pajaro y enves mostrarle amor al pajaro. –J

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