Sau Sau Story

I Am Joaquin Stultz and i am going to tell you the hard work story of Sau Sau.

Sau Sau Was Born in December 14 of 1994 and growed up like a regular kid until when he was about to go to kindergarden, Sau sau threw a basketball at a wall and after that he noticed that he was interested in basketball. Sau Sau started playing basketball at the age of six but couldn’t even hit the bottom of the net cause his height was 3 Feet and 2 Inches tall, Kids that played Basketball said Sau sau wad terrible and he wouldn’t even play in his school basketball, One day at the age of eight in February 21 2003 He practiced for the first time five hours shooting even though he didn’t even make a basket cause he was 3 Feet and 5 Inches, Sau Sau was in School already but in the school break instead of doing entertainment stuff, Sau sau Shooted every day even though he didn’t even touch the rim or make a basket, 1 Month later Sau sau for the first time bearly touched the rim, one week later Sau Sau due to his work made his first basket at the height of 3 Feet and 6.5 Inches. 1 Year Later Sau Sau at 3 Feet and 8 Inches played his first basketball game he had ever played, Sau Sau didn’t score but got two assists one steal and three rebounds without taking a shot. At the age of ten in December and Sau sau was 4 Feet but by working on his shot every day after school until nighttime was successful Cause Sau sau put up 12 Points 4 Rebounds and 3 Assists and 2 Steals And One Block was taken by a middle school team but his stats dropped dramatically at the age of eleven he averaged 2 Points a game 1 Rebound and 3 Assists and 0.5 Steals, Sau Sau got cut from the team and his hopes looked to be over at the age of 12, But Sau Sau started Running and touching lines and shuffling his feet for defense, at the age of thirteen still no team wanted him cause of his height and his shot Sau sau was only 4 Feet and 3 Inches But he got a huge growth spurt and was 4 Feet 6 Inches Then In March of 2007 Sau Sau For Luck got signed by a middle school team called the tigers and now was averaging 6 Points 5 Rebounds and 7 Assists per game, At the age of 15 Sau Sau was selected By Trinity but only played 4 minutes a game without getting the ball, At the Age of fifteen Sau Sau got into an argument with the coach of trinity and said he wanted to be traded to a worse team to show of al his talent, The Coach of trinity almost was traded to wellington but wellington declined the offer and instead stayed with trinity and slowly started playing more until at the end of the season Sau Sau Was starting Sau sau lead his team to a 6 Game Winning streak by putting up 7 Points a game 5 Rebounds and an amazing 13 Assists per game. Trinity made it to the playoffs and Sau Sau dominated and got 9 steals in a game and 9 Points and 7 Assists and 4 Rebounds, Sau Sau at only 4 Feet and 8 Inches Blocked a 5 foot 4 Player to send the game into overtime and in overtime trinity won by one point 76 to 75 at the age of 18 Sau Sau Was Five Feet And was recruited by the Michigan State Spartans where he played okay in his first season but in his sophomore year at the begging of the year Sau Sau’s stats dropped but due to an injury to his right hand Sau sau had to practice with his left hand and he got better and at the end of his sophomore year he was averaging 10 points a game and was averaging 13 points a game in the march madness but in his Junior year he put up in one game 19 points a game his career high and was now five feet four and his team won the tournament in Sau Sau’s Senior year he was averaging 25 points a game and had an incredible 32 point game even though his team lost in the march madness he prepared for the nba draft and was selected 16 overall by the Los Angeles Clippers. In the Summer Leauge Sau Sau is averaging 13 points 7 Rebounds 9 Assists 3 Steals and had 17 Points against the Oklahoma City Thunder including a game winning three to win 99-98. That’s it for this story and i am really excited to see how he does as the sixth man on the Clippers.

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