Dr. Lodlow vs. Dr. Pumpum

Yesterday, Joaquin and I got our first taste of learning through RPM. Although we learned from the assessment of our practitioner that the typical implementation of the method will likely not benefit Joaquin’s learning and communication processes in a very dramatic way as is the case for many people, we thought that one short daily burst of teaching with this format will be very beneficial towards building his tolerance for academic activities he currently resists. So, Joaquin and I were preparing to do our first modified little RPM session at bedtime last night, when he surprised me deciding to write a story for it. He thought he’d enjoy working with his own story much more than working with some other uninteresting subject to him (see what we mean by building tolerance? –wink).

Creative writing and literacy being one of my current points of focus for our “uncurriculum”, I did not protest. He wrote a little gem. A little violent –yes– but creative, different than his usual subjects, and I dare to say a bit richer somehow than his latest story.

We read it together and used it to discuss some new concepts like capitalism, revenge, emotions, the pursuing of one’s dreams, acceptance (to take crap when one decides against illegal revenge), and the idea of Pumpum maybe being a bit of a “psychopath”. We had a fun discussion involving new vocabulary and reasoning skills.

Original follows; English translation below.


Dentist Pumpum vs. Dr. Lodlow

Once upon a time, Dentist Dr. Pumpum challenges dentist, Dr. Lodlow and, they fight over money, Pumpum and Lodlow go to negotiate the money, they talk and after a while, a red monster surprises them. This was a sign that they shouldn’t have fought over the money, but Dr. Pumpum, steals all the money from Dr. Lodlow.

In the morning Dr. Lodlow discovers that while sleeping, Dr. Pumpum stole all his money, and he screams!!!! Why did you steal my money Dr. Pumpum, and Dr. Pumpum stole it to become famous, and to buy costumes for films, and Dr. Pumpum doesn’t want to be a dentist anymore, and Dr. Pumpum was skipping many of his dental appointments, but Dr. Lodlow and Dr. Pumpum met, at a church from which Dr. Lodlow left to see his dentist.

After a year one night Dr. Pumpum found Dr. Lodlow sleeping and he took his credit card, money, passports, and Dr. Lodlow bought a gun to kill Dr. Pumpum, but I hate all guns, and Dr. Lodlow decided not to kill Dr. Pumpum, and he got himself a new credit card and a new passport.

And Dr. Lodlow earned $500,000 and Dr. Pumpum had $100,000 and one year later Dr. Pumpum left Rawtopia lsland which is where Dr. Lodlow and Dr. Pumpum worked and Dr. Pumpum went to Freebirds Island, and four years later Dr. Lodlow watched two of Dr. Pumpum’s films which he loved, but Dr. Pumpum magically came back to Rawtopia Island from the TV screen, but Dr. Pumpum comes out to cook Dr. Lodlow in the oven, and Dr. Lodlow dies after 24 Horas in the oven, and Dr. Pumpum ate Dr. Lodlow for dinner.

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