Lego Wars 1 – Tiny House

In Are First Episode Of Lego wars, Pillo And Light, Pick clallenge number 8 That’s a Tiny House.

Pillo’s Feedback:
Pillo Bulids A Tiny House with Windows, And an Attic, Thats super Bright And a Very Pritty roof.

Mama says there’s No Bathroom, But Pillo Said That we where pretending like they was stuff was inside, And mama said do you think if someone Could Bulid new rooms in the attic, And Pillo said they woudun’t Want to Because it’s Too Dark, And mama said no because there’s all this light entering the attic,
But mama’s Critizizment was that The rain could enter the attic, To put windows For rain to not Enter the House.

Lego house with elaborate roof
Pillo’s lego tiny house

Light’s Feedback:
Light says He focased on the interior of the house, Light Put Pillows, blankets, Ontop of the bed, And a bathroom, With a sink, Toilet, Bath tub, And a Kitchen With a sink an oven and a place to clean dishes, And little door to get in.

Mama loves that light made the interior lf the house For the space to distrubute for the people that live, And mama loves that Light put a place where the Person has a bathroom a bed for him to be able to Sleep, And a kitchen, But light’s Critizize was that he didin’t put windows so the people that live in the house could go a little crazy, But Light said that there’s A Mecanisim for the roof to open , But mama said that the flies would, Enter the House, And that they was only 1 Bed.

Lego house interior including bed, small kitchen and full bathroom
Light’s lego tiny house interior

The Winner of the Episode of lego wars is Light Because he showed What was inside the Tiny house And it's Very important to know what there is in the tiny house, that's why Mama choosed Light.

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