Pato a Pato 1

Yesterday Joaquin started a new TV series, “Pato a Pato”. It’s a cooking competition similar to “Pequeño a Pequeño” but there are some variations in the format of the contest, and most important of all: It’s a solo project 100% made by Joaquin. I loved it!

I watched this first episode (which he finished editing after we went to bed; little night owl!) and was pleasantly surprised to discover how different it looked in comparison to the inspiring project. With him behind every aspect of it, the mood feels different, the judge’s feedback is totally his own, the recipes can only be his creation, and somehow I also detected a leap in his video editing and overall filmmaking skills.

Fabulous job and a great beginning for a new series, which both Joaquin and I agree is nice that it’s only his because of the different experience he gets from it.


Chefs: Pillo and Light
Camera and Acting: Joaquin
Video editors: Rindin and Joaquin
Judge: Juez Pato

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