First steps into coding and web publishing

Yesterday, we worked on creating Joaquin’s dream basketball page on this site. I did the coding; he was the client and gave me very specific requirements. His vision is to build a web page like what he sees everyday on ESPN.

Once the page was up and I had created a couple posts to populate it, Joaquin’s motivation went on high gear and he couldn’t wait to create these posts himself. So today, he coded his first HTML table from scratch!.

first lines of HTML code written by my 8-year-old

Then, with his brand new “contributor” role on this site, he published his first web post, and then proceeded to do it 15 more times. He used the first table he wrote as a template, but the variations of the data forced him to change a bit of code every time in order to get the right style for winning teams. Table rows needed to be either <tr class="win"> or <tr>, and I was impressed by his attention to detail: Among all 16 tables he submitted for my review (as administrator of the site) I only found one mistake, and we juiced the opportunity to learn the workflow of how he could get back on his post to fix and republish it.

He was in love with web publishing and kept telling me all day “I LOVE coding!”

joaquin preparing html content for a blog post

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