Ridse Jail Part

Since I offered to edit our latest “Pequeño a Pequeño”, last week Joaquin decided to take on a new filmmaking project completely on his own. It all started when, on a “boring” day, he opened his costumes drawer and got excited dressing up each of his “muñequitos” (tr: stuffed dolls and animals). The costumes inspired the story, and except for a couple tiny moments of help with the green screen, this was a solo project. I was impressed among many things by the song he composed for Sochi’s haircut, and by the different scenarios he sourced from Google images for the project. For the first time, 99.9% all on his own.

This is episode 1 of what he plans to be a recurring TV show starring Rindin as a cop who deals with petty child crimes.

Video: https://vimeo.com/168295297

Story, character animation, camera, video editing, costumes, scenarios, green screen effects, and Sochi’s song by Joaquin.

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