Digital illustrations for book series

Joaquin is about to finish writing the second book on his “Save Earth Mission” series. We’re talking about literary works of about 15 chapters 80-100 pages each, which he has authored and illustrated completely on his own. While his writing has improved greatly from the first to the second book (regularly composing sentences as grammatically complex as the ones found in some of the —much higher than his grade— books we’re currently reading), this post is all about the illustrations, which of course I adore. Here are some of my favorites.

Four critters crossing a street
Patia, Oso, Pumpum, and Pillo escape from a villain
Oso, a brown bear
Pumpum, a blue monster
Bear throwing an anesthetic dart to blue monster
Light attacks Pumpum with an anesthetic dart
A multicolor iguana taking X-Rays of a bear while other animals wait
Pias (the iguana) taking Light’s X-Rays
Light, a beany bear
Enrique, a.k.a Ernie in English
A whimsical river surrounded by trees
The river that Light reaches after being attacked
A bear hiking down a mountain to the street
Light hikes down a mountain to a street of Smeersburg, Russia
Blue monster peeking from inside a suitcase
Pumpum hides inside a suitcase
Brown bull interacting with a black bull
Bevo and Ferro talking
A purple creature and a bear trapped under nailed boards
Conde immobilizes Creef (a villain) with boards and nails
A sneaky hooded character
An angry red-haired woman with a blue monster
Pumpum and Patia leave a hair salon
Critters circled by a brown fence
The yellow team visits a farm
Brown bear with a wound on his leg
Oso wounded by a stranger in Moscow
Human figure holding an angry dog on a leash
Police officer with an angry dog in the wilderness
Inside an airplane, a passenger rests
Characters of the yellow team hide under airplane seats
A team of critters
The green team, hungry and hiding inside a cargo train
Yellow bear resting on an airplane seat
Pillo in airplane (not included in the book)
Ten characters from the story
Feast celebrating an important milestone
Human, iguana, and blue monster on horses
The green team riding on horses
Bear and woman wearing colorful t-shirts
Light and Patia amidst the group discussion
Three characters
Conde attempts to follow a van while the rest remains confused
Blue monster interacting with a pink bear
Pumpum’s great news are interrupted by Light
Four characters with a threatening news ticket
The yellow team appears in the news

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